Review Automotive Honda Fit EV Leases Extended, Price Dropped Again

Review automotive Honda is slicing the cost on Fit EV rents once more, now offering two-year credit expansions for existing clients and new two-year leases for planned purchasers. Fit EV leases are presently down to $199 month, including free crash protection and routine support, no up front installment, and no mileage limit.

Honda last dropped Fit EV costs in May of 2013, down from $389 to $259 every month for 36 months, alongside the greater part of the same motivations. As some time recently, clients are still on the snare for their own particular obligation protection, yet Honda will cover any crash harm and repairs for Fit EV vehicles at no expense.

"Most Fit EV drivers let us know they cherish their vehicles, and numerous have asked for lease expansions and this stretched out lease system is planned to address their issues," said Steve Center, Honda's VP of the Environmental Business Development Office, in an announcement.

Likewise incorporated into the arrangement is no-cost establishment of sun oriented boards at home for Fit EV renters, through Honda's SolarCity organization, permitting drivers to in part charge their electric Fits from the sun's vitality.

The Honda Fit EV depends on the last era of the little hatchback. Rather than that auto's standard 1.5-liter four-barrel gas motor, the Fit EV utilizes a 92-kW electric engine and a 20-kWh lithium-particle battery that gives an EPA-evaluated 82 miles of driving reach. It can charge from unfilled to full power from a 240-volt charger in as meager as three hours.

Honda Fit EV creation finished in the fall of a year ago, once it achieved its 1,100-unit complete generation designation. An aggregate of 407 Fit EV vehicles were conveyed to clients in 2014. This last value slice is a last strategic maneuver to motivate clients to grab up the remainder of the litter, while likewise offering existing clients the same reserve funds opportunity.

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Review Automotive Honda Fit EV Leases Extended, Price Dropped Again
Review Automotive Honda Fit EV Leases Extended, Price Dropped Again
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