Maruti Suzuki S-Cross SX4 - Review

Expected Launch: June 2015
Expected Price: Indian Rs : 8 - 14 lakhs

We first saw the Suzuki S-Cross SX4 crossover at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March. First developed and produced in collaboration with Fiat, the S-Cross SX4 is currently in its third generation and for the first time will spawn two separate models with the same naming convention. We in India,for the first time, are also expected to get the compact crossover due to a sudden spurt in demand for compact utility vehicles.


The S-Cross SX4despite being a crossover has a very familiar shape that the Indian market will be able to recognise, thanks to the presence of the SX4 sedan that has been on sale here since 2006. The front gets a three piece black grille with the Suzuki logo prominently standing in the middle. The headlights are the same as before but now get daytime LEDs. There is a black plastic cladding running along the base with a bit under the number plate holder and doors in a silver shade.

The side profile has changed slightly from the previous vehicle with the roofline being altered slightly. At the back, the S-Cross SX4 retains a similar profile as the outgoing vehicle but now gets sharper features including a new design for the tail lamps. The silver and black cladding can be seen here too and runs the length of the rear bumper. Suzuki has also fitted roof rails but in India we expect that they will offer a carrier as an optional extra.


An aerodynamically efficient from promotes fuel economy. Key features include a smooth, flowing roof line that slopes downward toward the rear; and smooth contours that flow from the front bumper to the doors to the rear end.


Suzuki by virtue of being known for its mass markets vehicles follows the policy through and through. This is most reflected in the interiors which look very similar to the ones found on the smaller Swift. The steering wheel, gauges, gearbox, stalks and buttons are all exactly the same as is the case with the layout. In fact, if you were to blindfold someone and seat them in the car, it would be hard for them to tell which Suzuki vehicle they are sitting in. The only major difference is that in the four-wheel-drive enabled models there is a drive selector. The rear can seat three people comfortably and will fold down to expand the boot space.


The way the S-Cross’ interior has been designed means there’s a useful 430-litre boot, which can easily be extended to 875 litres by folding the rear seats down flat – although there aren’t any remote-release handles in the luggage area.

With their seats up, the Nissan Qashqai has 430 litres of bootspace, the Kia Sportage 465 litres and the Skoda Yeti 416 litres. It’s only when you fold the seats down in the S-Cross’ main competitors that you really notice its smaller dimensions – its 875 litres are dwarfed by the 1,353 litres of the Sportage, the 1,585 litres of the Qashqai and the massive 1,760 litres offered by the Yeti.

If maximum luggage capacity is regularly important to you, there’s no denying the S-Cross’ smaller boot size, but it does at least have a flat load area and a wide, low loading lip for easy access when lifting heavy items in and out.

Elsewhere in the boot, you’ll find a number of handy shopping-bag hooks, a 12V power socket and a neat false floor that lifts to reveal hidden extra storage. There’s also a pair of lidded cubbies hidden behind the rear wheelarches.


Go wherever the spirit moves you. And go confidently. The new SX4 / SX4 S-CROSS is a true all-weather, all-terrain, all-you-need performer. Tough off-road technology x refined road running x smart safety. It all adds up to one of the most versatile cars you can imagine in life.


Petrol Engine :

There are two 1.6-litre engines to choose from in the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross and they both produce 118bhp. The big difference between the two is the amount of pulling power available lower down the rev range – the petrol has less than half the amount of the diesel engine.
This means that whether you pick the five-speed manual gearbox or the CVT automatic, the petrol engine always seems a bit strained and often underpowered when you’re driving up steep inclines or when the car is loaded up with passengers and luggage.

Although the front-wheel-drive petrol-engined model with the manual gearbox is actually the fastest SX4 S-Cross in the range (doing 0-62mph in 11 seconds), it doesn’t really feel like it, and given how most owners will use the car, we’d suggest choosing the diesel instead.

Diesel Engine :

The 118bhp 1.6-litre diesel engine can sound a little gruff and noisy when you accelerate hard, but once you’re up to speed it’s a smooth and punchy performer. More importantly, with their impressive pulling power, the SX4 diesel models deliver effortless real-world pace and are able to power up hills that leave the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage a little breathless.

The automatic versions of the SX4 S-Cross use a CVT gearbox that whines loudly when you drive up steep hills. The six-speed manual fitted to the diesel models is far better, and overall the S-Cross drives well, with quick steering, a surprising lack of body lean in corners and a decent amount of grip.

The good news is that the Suzuki’s impressive handling doesn’t come at the price of ride comfort. Supple suspension means the SX4 soaks up bumps that send a shudder through the Kia Sportage. Add strong brakes into the mix and you have a very competent performer.

The four-wheel-drive SX4 S-Cross models have extra driving modes for dealing with different conditions, including a snow mode for treacherous winter days and an automatic mode to keep the car gripping in most conditions. However, it’d be unwise to think of the SX-4 S-Cross as a proper off-roader, as even the budget Dacia Duster is more capable at driving on uneven ground.


From accident avoidance to occupant protection, ensuring your safety in the new SX4 / SX4 S-CROSS is a comprehensive all-road pursuit. High-performance technologies such as Suzuki's proprietary TECT (Total Effective Control Technology) body and top-of-the-line safety features such as ESP®* and 7 airbags give you the confidence to expand your driving perimeter to new territory. It has received maximum 5-star Euro NCAP overall safety rating.

Posted by : Shahen Tharammal

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Maruti Suzuki S-Cross SX4 - Review
Maruti Suzuki S-Cross SX4 - Review
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