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Standard Catalog of imported cars, 1946-2002 excellent reference book for classic car enthusiasts who are interested in importing the vehicle is. This is part of a series of reference books car Krause Publications, and is intended as a guide for the collector car. Books dealing with various brands and models of cars post-war officially imported to the United States, as well as some brands that make their way through "unofficial" water.

Standard Catalog of imported cars, 1946-2002, was established as an encyclopedia, by car, it will be displayed in alphabetical order. Each section begins with a general history of the brand, each divided by year and then go here. For car enthusiasts, it was interesting to read about the history of the automobile manufacturers and their offerings, some of which have never been seen or heard! Several times I've seen a car that had never heard of a car show, and got home about it in the catalog read my standards.

For each year is determined in the car brand has a history of each model offered, in detail, the major changes in each model for this year, and feedback on performance, style or technology advances. Then lists production numbers for each model by dividing by body style (if any), the shipping weight and price of the original foundation. Offers in the book basics and optional engine size, power and torque, wheel base and other dimensions, the ratio of bids gear and even some cars! Vehicle performance data, such as the amount of acceleration and speed is also done for many models. Photos annually and included model for many brands.

The amount of information and level of detail provided generally amazing. However, there are some "holes" in the ad. For example, for some Japanese brand, model specific ad that is missing in some of the eighties and early nineties. I find it odd that this book has, however, many details of some European brands of the fifties and sixties is about (again) some of the eighties and nineties, Japan made a little less, and have some of their models don 'ta single photo to several years.

However, the standard catalog of imported cars, 1946-2002 is a great reference manual also with some mistakes in the Japanese model. The information presented on classic sports cars and exotic cars get very large. Definitely worth a look if you're in vintage cars are imported.

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Keith Farren is an ASE Certified Master Technician with a business degree, associate's degree in automotive technology and more than twenty years of experience in the automotive industry.
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Technician With a Business Degree
Technician With a Business Degree
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