UAA Aviation Technology Division expands flight-training fleet

For the first time ever, the UAA Aviation Technology Division has purchased its own, brand-new airplane for use in flight training. Flight operations manager Ashley Burrill received the honor of flying the twin-engine TECNAM P2006T aircraft home to Anchorage from the dealership in Virginia.

The UAA Aviation Technology Divisions's new
TECNAM P2006T is state of the art and will be used for
flight training in the Professional Piloting program.
Burrill touched down on Merrill Field on Thursday, Sept. 18, wrapping up a five-day adventure that took him 3,400 miles across the U.S. and Canada before arriving in Anchorage. The vendor’s pilot also joined Burrill for the trip, providing training specific to the aircraft along the way.

"It has been an honor to be the Aviation Technology Division’s representative in the physical acquisition of the new TECNAM P2006T," said Burrill. "I am very much looking forward to how this plane will contribute to student success and the value it will add to our students’ training. I think the updated technology and increased efficiency of this aircraft are notable and are positive contributions to the program’s overall effectiveness."

Piloting students will have the opportunity to fly the new plane, along with the existing fleet, to achieve their flight-training goals. Now that the sleek new plane is tethered to the division’s tarmac, it will make its contribution to student success and enhance instruction provided by this high-quality, technical program.

"The Professional Piloting program places a strong emphasis on quality flight training," said Rocky Capozzi, director of the Aviation Technology Division. "Having state-of-the-art equipment is essential in order for us to provide students with hands-on learning experiences that make them competitive in the aviation job market. It is also crucial to help us prepare students for the rigors of flying in Alaska’s often hazardous conditions."

With more than 200 communities completely off the road system, Alaskans depends heavily on aviation for travel within the state, medical evacuation, and transport of food, fuel and other supplies. The state of Alaska reports that Alaskans fly eight times more often than people in other states and ship 39 times more airfreight.

TECNAM P2006T arrives at Merrill Field

View photos of the plane's arrival.

Story by Clarice Dickess, Grants & Research Specialist and Kirstin Olmstead, Communications Coordinator, UAA Community & Technical College

Photos by Andrew Gichard, Aviation Technology Division/UAA Community & Technical College

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UAA Aviation Technology Division expands flight-training fleet
UAA Aviation Technology Division expands flight-training fleet
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