CTC Community Connections

The UAA Community & Technical College (CTC) supports a wide range of community partnerships with K-12 school districts and industries throughout the state. From hosting career and technical competitions for high school students to providing opportunities for UAA students to interface with potential employers, CTC strives to provide quality education and training that is responsive to the needs of our learners and our community partners.

Curious about how we're connected? Here’s a snapshot of some of our partnerships!

Alaska ProStart

The Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division hosted the 2014 Alaska ProStart Invitational on March 1.

Students compete in the 2014 Alaska ProStart Competition
Students from Chugiak High School swept both categories in
this year’s ProStart competition. Photo by Peak 3 LLC
Teams of high school students from across the state participated in the event, seeking to win the top spot in the culinary or management category.

This year, Chugiak High School placed first in both categories, advancing to the national invitational in Minneapolis to compete against teams from across the country.

Chef Naomi Everett, assistant professor of culinary arts, worked with ProStart staff to coordinate and host the event at UAA, as well as serve as a judge during the competition. She is a member of the ProStart Committee.

ProStart is a two-year educational program supported by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation in partnership with state restaurant associations. More than 600 students from across Alaska participate in ProStart each year. The career-building program blends classroom learning with mentored work experience to teach high school students the management and culinary skills needed for a career in the restaurant and foodservice industry. Learn more at alaskaprostart.com.

Global Film Premiere

Students in PEP 183: Wellness Principles participated in the global premiere of “The Science of Character,” thanks to the efforts of Jean Marcey, assistant professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation. Created by award-winning filmmaker Tiffany Shlain, the film aims to ignite a global conversation on how character strengths can be learned, practiced and cultivated. The film premiere served as the centerpiece of #CharacterDay, a 24-hour series of live events and online conversations highlighting the expanding catalog of scientific research surrounding character. The event included acknowledgment from the White House and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. People in more than 120 countries participated. Learn more at www.letitripple.org.


Three UAA Community & Technical College divisions hosted career and technical competitions for high school students participating in the SkillsUSA Alaska State Leadership and Skills Conference on March 21.

Students complete in the 2014 Alaska SkillsUSA Competition
Greg Luke, service manager for Continental Mazda, Volvo & Suzuki,
volunteers his time to assist with the SkillsUSA competition.
The Aviation Technology, Construction & Design Technology and Transportation & Power divisions held a combined total of seven competitions on UAA's campus. The competitions ranged from automotive service to architectural drafting to aviation maintenance. CTC faculty and staff members were instrumental in facilitating these events in conjunction with educators from local school districts and the Alaska SkillsUSA director.

SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations. The organization aims to help students discover and grow their career passions.

SkillsUSA programs teach leadership, citizenship and character development to complement technical skill training. The organization emphasizes respect for the dignity of work, ethics, workmanship, scholarship and safety. Learn more at www.skillsusa.org.

Special thanks to the following CTC faculty and staff members who helped facilitate the competitions: Brian Bennett, Chip Defendorf, Jonathan Goins, Shawn Heusser, Jamie Johnston-Eddy, Jeff Libby, Darrin Marshall, Dennis Massingham, Kelly Smith, Joseph Trekell, Eli Van Ringelenstein, and Christine Van Valkenburg.

First Construction Management Job Fair

The Construction & Design Technology Division hosted its first annual construction management job fair on March 26, at the University Center. The fair brought together construction management students and alumni with local employers seeking candidates for internships and full- and part-time positions.

Nicole Frey and Jenny Baker of Davis Constructors & Engineers
Nicole Frey and Jenny Baker of Davis Constructors & Engineers.
“Our principals are huge proponents of the construction management program at UAA,” said Jenny Baker, marketing assistant at Davis Constructors & Engineers. “We have a lot of UAA grads who work for us; we even have a member of the UAA Construction Management Advisory Committee on our team. We like the quality that we see here, and we like hiring locally.”

Participating employers in this year's job fair include the following:
  • Cornerstone General Contractors
  • Criterion General Inc.
  • Davis Constructors & Engineers Inc.
  • Denali General Contractors
  • Klebs Mechanical Inc.

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CTC Community Connections
CTC Community Connections
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