UAA alumnus member of Air Force Global Strike Command

Capt. Robert Shannon is a 2006 UAA graduate and a University of Alaska Scholar Award recipient. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in management and completed the Air Force ROTC program, which is housed in the UAA Community & Technical College. Following graduation, he commissioned into the Air Force as a second lieutenant.

Capt. Robert Shannon
Capt. Robert Shannon and Capt. Brooke Lake, 341st Operations Support
Squadron missile operators, go through a launch procedure checklist
during simulation training at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont., Feb. 6, 2014.
Staff Sgt. Jonathan Snyder/U.S. Air Force RELEASED
Shannon is a member of the elite Air Force Global Strike Command, which develops and provides combat-ready forces for nuclear deterrence and global strike operations. He currently serves as a missile combat crew commander instructor with the 341st Operations Support Squadron at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Mont.

Air Force missile combat crew members, or missileers, complete an intense training regime that certifies them to be prepared to launch nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles at the command of the president of the United States. Additionally, they ensure the ICBMs remain ready to launch at all times while protecting the safety and security of the missile sites.

Shannon talks about the camaraderie and fellowship among Air Force Global Strike Command's missileers. The photo and video are part of the Air Force’s documentary series "28 Days in Air Force Global Strike Command."

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UAA alumnus member of Air Force Global Strike Command
UAA alumnus member of Air Force Global Strike Command
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