CTC Hosts Advisory Board of Chairs

CTC 2013-2014 Advisory Board of Chairs
2013-2014 Board of Chairs. Standing from L to R: Julian Harder, Brian Lewis, Roger Motzko, David Cushman,
Gary Gernstein, Randy Carlson,  Sitting from L to R: Jonathan Hornak, Gretchen Bersch, Tamie Taylor,
Karen Schmitt, CTC Dean, Jodey Ellis-Spansel, Terrie Stark
The Community & Technical College’s Ninth Annual Advisory Board of Chairs’ Luncheon took place on Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014. The event was held at Lucy’s, the on-campus restaurant run by the Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division. Students of the culinary arts and hospitality and restaurant management programs produced and served a delicious meal under the direction of faculty.

During the luncheon Associate Dean Cathy LeCompte spoke about advocacy of CTC’s early college programs to the state Legislature. LeCompte specifically addressed the College & Career Pathways initiative, which helps high school students begin earning college credit through dual enrollment and/or credit-articulated courses.

Terrie Stark serves as chair of the Computer Information & Office Systems Advisory Committee. She shared her thoughts about what motivates her to serve on an advisory board.

“I’m fond of advocacy of pay it forward,” said Stark. “I feel that serving on the board as chair gives me an opportunity to feel a part of what’s happening with UAA and the computer information and office systems program.”

Special thanks to all of our Advisory Board Chairs for their service.

2013-2014 Advisory Board of Chairs

Aviation Technology Division
Roger Motzko, Federal Aviation Administration

College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department
Gretchen Bersch, former UAA Professor

Computer Networking & Office Technologies Department
Computer Information & Office Systems - Terrie Stark, Westaff
Computer Networking Technology - Gary Gernstein, GCI

Construction & Design Technology Division
Architectural & Engineering Technology - Brian Lewis, USKH Inc.
Construction Management - Tamie Taylor, Taylored Business Solutions; Vice Chair, Jonathan Hornak, Cornerstone Construction

Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division
Culinary Arts / Hospitality and Restaurant Management - Bill Dugdale, Center Management Services

Extended Studies & Workforce Development
Retail Management Certificate, Alaska Steering Committee - Jodey Ellis-Spansel, Fred Meyer

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
John McCleary, Retired from Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation

Transportation & Power Division
Automotive Technology - Randy Carlson, Anchorage Chrysler
Heavy Duty Transportation & Equipment - Julian Harder, Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
Welding & Nondestructive Testing Technology - David Cushman, Air Liquide America
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CTC Hosts Advisory Board of Chairs
CTC Hosts Advisory Board of Chairs
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