UAA establishes new exchange program for aviation students

UAA Aviation Technology Division student
 A UAA student takes notes on his iPad while attending an
Aviation Technology Division course.
Students in the UAA Community & Technical College’s Aviation Technology Division (ATD) will now have the opportunity to attend aviation management courses in Germany. A newly established agreement between UAA and EBS Business School, part of EBS University of Economics and Law, makes it possible for UAA students to pursue coursework relevant to their major through the school's Aviation Management Center.

“We are pleased to partner with EBS to offer this opportunity to our students,” said Rocky Capozzi, ATD director. “International exchanges offer students a rich educational experience that helps prepare them for their future careers in the aviation industry.”

The agreement paves the way for the exchange of up to two students from each university during the academic year. Students must be nominated for the program by their home institution. The first exchange is expected in early 2014 when two UAA aviation students are slated to begin their studies at EBS. The EBS aviation campus is located in Wiesbaden, approximately 20 miles west of Frankfurt. All courses are taught in English, the official language of international aviation.

EBS requires all of its students to study abroad at least one semester and has standing agreements with a number of U.S. aviation universities. Representatives from EBS reached out to the Aviation Technology Division two years ago to begin the process of establishing an exchange with UAA.

Sharon LaRue, ATD associate professor, and Leslie Tuovinen, interim director of the UAA Office of International and Intercultural Affairs, worked closely with their counterparts at EBS to make the program a reality for students.

Participating students will continue to pay tuition to UAA but other applicable fees will be paid to EBS. Most financial aid and loans available to a student attending UAA remain available if the student participates in an exchange program. Transportation and living expenses are the responsibility of the student; however, EBS will provide assistance locating suitable housing.

For further information, contact the Aviation Technology Division at 907.786.7200.

Story by Rocky Capozzi & Kirstin Olmstead
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UAA establishes new exchange program for aviation students
UAA establishes new exchange program for aviation students
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