For Sara Borges, working in higher ed means helping others reach their goals

Sara Borges is the administrative assistant in the Office of the Dean at the Community & Technical College. She joined the college in February 2013.

Sara Borges
Sara Borges, Administrative Assistant
Office of the Dean, Community & Technical College
Q: Why did you want to work in higher education?
A: Education has always been important to me. Being part of a community that enables me to help others reach their educational goals, while also allowing me to continue my own education, is precious. It's the satisfaction of knowing that the work I am doing provides opportunities for others to grow. This is actually my first position at a higher education institution, and I hope to work with this great team for years to come.

Q: What is your background prior to accepting your current role at CTC?
A: I began working as an administrative assistant/receptionist at AeroMetric Inc., a geospatial solutions and geographic information systems (GIS) mapping company, where I worked part time for four years while continuing my education. I then worked as a patient services representative at Latouche Pediatrics. Altogether, I have gained many skills in the administrative field, met a variety of people, worked with diverse groups, and made valuable new friends along the way.

Q: What excites you about this position in particular? More generally, what do you enjoy most about your profession?
A: This position excites me because I am continuously learning, being challenged, meeting new people, and always busy, never bored. Since the beginning it’s been a welcoming and calm environment. The people in the CTC Dean’s Office and the Community & Technical College as a whole have made me feel very welcome, and I am grateful to be working with such a friendly and exciting group of people.

Q: Are you originally from Alaska? If not, what brought you here? If yes, what do you most enjoy about the state?
A: I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. However, my father was born in the Dominican Republic, a small country in the Caribbean, and my mother was born in Honduras, which is located in Central America. This makes me a mix of two very different Hispanic cultures.

Though I do not jump with joy at the thought of our long winters, there are several things I love about my home state—the mind-blowing natural beauty of Alaska, the scenery, the glaciers, the northern lights, and who doesn’t love Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend? There is also the experience of opening your front door in the winter and quickly closing it because there is a moose a few feet away!

Q: What are your hobbies and interests?
A: I am a pastor’s daughter who married a pastor’s son. A lot of my time is spent in church or working in a ministry, especially in the praise and worship team where I am the lead pianist. I’ve been dedicated to playing piano since I was five years old, and it really is my true passion. I recently discovered a new hobby that I hope to make more of a lifestyle, which is the wonderful world of Pilates. I also love sudoku and spending quality time with my husband and family.
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For Sara Borges, working in higher ed means helping others reach their goals
For Sara Borges, working in higher ed means helping others reach their goals
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