For Bill Atkins, IT and higher ed are the perfect combination

William (Bill) Atkins is an information systems network technician who joined the Computer Networking & Office Technologies Department in January 2013. He discusses what he loves about IT, his hobbies, especially photography, and his decision to relocate to Alaska last year.

Bill Atkins, Information Systems Network Technician
Bill Atkins, Information Systems Network Technician
Q: Why did you want to work in higher education?
A: I love to learn, and I love to help others learn! I have enjoyed working in higher education the last five years and hope to stay in higher education for many more. I appreciate the friendly people and challenging yet comfortable work environment that higher learning institutions offer.

Q: What is your background prior to accepting your current role at CTC?
A: I started working with computers back in the Microsoft disk operating system (MS-DOS) days, and I have consistently worked with computers since the early ’90s. My formal education is an Associate of Applied Science in computer networking, certificate in network security, and a Bachelor of Science in business technology management. My degrees combined with five years of experience working in higher education are the most relevant parts of my background for this position.

I have had many jobs in the past including repairing corporate laser printers, building sunrooms, and delivering products for Home Depot. I was also your friendly produce clerk for many years.

Q: What excites you about this position in particular? More generally, what do you enjoy most about your profession?
A: This position is exciting to me because of the many IT facets it involves on a daily basis. I have the opportunity to work with staff, faculty, and students every day. I have terrific resources available to me in the form of experienced faculty and staff that help guide my work here.

Q: Are you originally from Alaska? If not, what brought you here? If yes, what do you most enjoy about the state?
A: I am originally from Denver, Colorado. I have spent quite a few summers in Alaska and I fell in love with the endless beauty of this state. I decided to move here in July 2012 and make it my home. There are so many places to explore in Alaska. It’s exciting to know I will probably never run out of things to do!

Q: What are your hobbies and interests?
A: I am an avid photographer, and I create high dynamic range (HDR) images using multiple exposures and special software. I enjoy fishing, snow machines, and ATV riding. I spend a great deal of my personal time learning about renewable energy and sustainable home building. I have participated in building several Earthship homes throughout the country. This type of green architecture focuses on constructing sustainable homes built with recycled materials while still adhering to local building codes.


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For Bill Atkins, IT and higher ed are the perfect combination
For Bill Atkins, IT and higher ed are the perfect combination
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