CTC welcomes Advisory Board of Chairs

March 2013 Advisory Board of Chairs. Standing from L to R: John Hakala, Mike Redmond, Brian Lewis, Nick Yale, John McCleary, & Andrew Flores.
Seated from L to R: Jim Seitz, Bill Dugdale, Terrie Stark, Gretchen Bersch, & Karen Schmitt, CTC Dean.
The Community & Technical College's Annual Advisory Board of Chairs' luncheon took place on Thursday, March 7, at Lucy's, the on-campus restaurant run by the Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division. The delicious meal was produced and served by students of the culinary arts and hospitality & restaurant management programs under the direction of faculty.

The event included a presentation covering the development of the Alaska Middle College School housed at the Chugiak-Eagle River Campus. About 40 Mat-Su juniors and seniors who volunteered for this pilot project are going to high school and college at the same time at CERC. The program is a partnership with the Mat-Su Borough School District. Watch the video.

A special thank you to all of our board members who donate their time and talent to help CTC's programs achieve success.

Advisory Board of Chairs
Aviation Technology Division
Nick Yale, FedEx

Career & Technical Education Department
Apprenticeship Technologies - John Hakala, Bureau of Apprenticeship Training, U.S. Department of Labor
BS Technology - Belinda Breaux, Breaux Leadership Solutions
Professional Development - Jim Seitz, University of Alaska Anchorage

College Preparatory & Developmental Studies Department
Gretchen Bersch - UAA Professor Emeritus

Computer Networking & Office Technologies Department
Computer Information & Office Systems - Terrie Stark, Westaff
Computer Networking Technology - Gary Gernstein, GCI

Construction & Design Technology Division
Architectural & Engineering Technology - Brian Lewis, USKH, Inc.
Construction Management - Julia Holden-Davis, Garvey Schubert Barer
Construction Management - Mike Redmond, Retired

Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Dietetics & Nutrition Division
Culinary Arts and Hospitality & Restaurant Management - Bill Dugdale, Center Management Services

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation
John McCleary, Retired

Transportation & Power Division
Automotive Technology - Randy Carlson, Anchorage Chrysler
Heavy Duty Transportation & Equipment - Andrew Flores, Pacific Power Products
Welding & Nondestructive Testing Technology - Brian Walsh, King Career Center
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CTC welcomes Advisory Board of Chairs
CTC welcomes Advisory Board of Chairs
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