UAA prepares to launch new brand

Attend any University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) men’s basketball game, and there are some things you can count on—cheering, running, jumping, dribbling, passing, and shooting. But at the Seawolf game on Feb. 16, against the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), you can add one more item to the mix—branding. UAA will officially launch its new brand at the game along with a fresh advertising campaign.

Over the course of the next week, you’ll see more information popping up about the brand and advertising campaign launch. Here’s an overview to get you started.

When did the brand development process begin?
  • The branding initiative began in January 2012. UAA partnered with the Nerland Agency to identify how students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, government and industry partners, and the local community view the university. The agency conducted surveys and a series of focus groups in an effort to gather information about people’s attitudes toward UAA.
What is a brand exactly?
  • A brand communicates our identity as an institution, while also capturing what we hope to become. The brand encompasses both reality (80%) and aspiration (20%). 
  • A brand is also a promise of an experience. What we say about ourselves sets an expectation for prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, staff, etc.
What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?
  • A brand is not merely a logo. A logo is a symbol used to help people identify a brand.
Why is having a brand important?
  • The brand helps us proactively manage people’s perceptions of UAA by providing an authentic description of who we are as an institution rather than leaving perception to chance. (Think of rumors. They are often distortions of reality.)
  • The brand differentiates UAA from other educational institutions.
What does a great brand look like?
  • Apple Inc. is an example of a company that has a well-established brand. When most people think of Apple, words like innovative, cutting-edge, modern and sleek come to mind. Its products – the iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac have changed the way we interact with technology. Buying an Apple device is the promise of an experience characterized by simplicity, speed, ease of use, constant connection, and an intuitive user interface.
What should I expect as part of the brand launch?
  • The Office of Advancement has assembled a “street team” of ambassadors who will host tables at locations throughout campus to provide information about the new brand. CTC Communications Coordinator Kirstin Olmstead will host a table on Wednesday, Feb. 20, from 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. at the University Center. Throughout the week, there will be games, prizes, giveaways, and special activities to celebrate the launch.
What happens after the launch week?
  • The Office of Advancement has assembled a Brand Implementation Committee that will be responsible for longer-term launch activities slated to run throughout the spring 2013 semester. The committee will help build awareness of the new brand on campus and beyond. Kirstin will represent CTC on this committee. She can be contacted at  
How will this impact my website, marketing collateral, and logo?
  • There is no immediate impact to unit websites, marketing collateral, or logos. Changes will be rolled out over time as the graphical elements of the new brand are implemented. The Office of Advancement has indicated that college and unit logos will not be changing.
Is there some way I can help?
  • The Office of Advancement will need continued collaboration to fully implement the brand across campus. Many of you have already been involved in shaping the development of the new brand through participation in a focus group or completing an online survey. Your continued cooperation and support is paramount in order for the entire UAA community to “own” the brand! Stay tuned for more details from Kirstin.
By the way, what is the new brand?
  • You’ll have to come to the men’s basketball game on Feb. 16, to find out. If you can’t make the game, look for the brand tables around campus Feb. 18-21.
Interested in learning more about brands?
  • Inside Higher Ed - "A New Brand" 
  • Quizible - Quizible is a fun website that challenges users to identify partial company logos.
    Think about your perception of the brand the logo symbolizes. Does it match what the company is telling you?
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UAA prepares to launch new brand
UAA prepares to launch new brand
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