CTC Faculty Retirements

Bob McCauley, Associate Professor
Bob McCauley is an associate professor of welding & nondestructive testing technology in the Transportation & Power Division. He has been with UAA for nearly 30 years. During his time here, he has enjoyed teaching and helping students begin their careers. As he prepares to enter retirement, he looks forward to building his dream home, hobby farming, and traveling to parks and wilderness areas.

Bob McCauley played a key role in launching the radiography program.
The x-ray machine, a tool used in the program, is pictured behind him.
“Bob has been a fixture in the welding and nondestructive testing program for almost three decades. It’s hard to imagine the program without him. I appreciate that he is well respected in the industry. His reputation for turning out well qualified students has been of benefit to the program. Bob has always done his best to ensure that the program keeps up with changes in technology to make sure that the program is relevant to employment opportunities. I was speaking to a group of his students today. When they heard that he is retiring, they expressed gratitude that they had a chance to learn from Bob.”

–Kelly Smith, Director, Transportation & Power Division

Sally Spieker, assistant professor in the
Career & Technical Education Department,
pictured at her retirement party on December 7.

Sally Spieker, Assistant Professor
Sally Spieker is an assistant professor in the Career & Technical Education Department. She has been with UAA since 2002.

“Dr. Spieker has been with CTC for more than 10 years. During her tenure she has been instrumental in revising and updating the AAS in apprenticeship technologies, BS in technology, the MS in career and technical education, and the MA in teaching. She has been an outstanding champion and support for students. Her dedication and commitment to career and technical education, not only at UAA but throughout the state, has raised the profile and resources available to this important field of study. Sally will be missed by our faculty, staff and students, and we wish her the very best in her retirement.”

–Angela Dirks, Chair, Career & Technical Education Department
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CTC Faculty Retirements
CTC Faculty Retirements
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