For chocolate lovers, a tiny taste of heaven

By Lynette Peplow

Chef Vern with UAA culinary arts students
Culinary arts students from L to R: Sam Wagner (lab aide), Dyan Baguio, Allie Weinzirl, Nai Saechao, Yulia Grishina,
Katrina Rasmussen, April Stevenson, Melinda Hodge and Chef Vern.
Chef Vern and his advanced culinary arts students presented “Chocolate – It’s Chocolate Time” at the UAA Campus Bookstore on Thursday, Nov. 15, to a full house of chocolate lovers.

Yulia Grishina
Yulia Grishina hands out chocolate samples to guests.
Both chef and students demonstrated how to temper chocolate to just the right consistency for molding while showing unique ways of forming chocolate cups using balloons. They also answered a number of audience questions about this delectable food. Guests sampled an assortment of molded chocolates, truffles, and pumpkin chocolate chip bread, all made by talented students in the culinary arts program!
This annual event provides an opportunity for the local community to meet culinary arts students and to see just what they are producing in the bakery. It also provides students with real-world experience to showcase their skills.
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For chocolate lovers, a tiny taste of heaven
For chocolate lovers, a tiny taste of heaven
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