Hyundai i45 car features and price

Hyundai i45 2.0 (A)

Safety features  
  • Number of airbags 2
  • ABS Yes
  • Traction control Yes 
Driver's features
  •  Controls on steering wheel Yes
  • Keyless engine start No
  • Auto headlights No
  • Rain sensing wipers No
  • Electrical retractable side mirrors Yes
  • Paddle shifters No
  • Cruise control No
  • Electric park brake button No

Security features 
  • Smart key No
  • Remote boot release Yes
  • Electric tailgate No

Exterior features
  • HID headlights Yes
  • Front fog lamps Yes
  • Sport rims Yes, 17"
  • Reverse sensors Yes
  • Side mirror indicators Yes
  • Sunroof / moonroof / skyroof No
  • Interior features
  • Auto climate control aircon No
  • Rear aircon Yes
  • Audio system Yes
  • Audio Aux/USB Port Yes
  • Driver's electric seat Yes
  • Passenger's electric seat No
  • Driver's memory seat No
  • Passenger's memory seat No
  • Knockdown rear seats Yes
  • Leather seats Yes
  • Leather steering wheel Yes

The i45 is Hyundai’s latest creation and initial impressions are that it'll realize many patrons who haven't previously thought-about the Korean complete as a ‘blue chip’ various to those offerings from Japan.Speak to anyone who owns a Getz, i30, iLoad or perhaps iMax, and you may possibly realize a awfully happy cluster who are going to be fast to denote, that it won’t be the last automotive they purchase with a Hyundai badge.And it’s constant story after you seek advice from automotive dealers, who not goodbye ago weren’t specifically lining up for a Hyundai franchise. however speak to those self same dealers nowadays and they’ll tell you it’s the ‘must have’ complete which they’re on the waiting list.

Few can deny that the i45 could be a nice trying automotive from virtually any angle, though the loud front grille treatment looks to polarise public opinion as way because the overall styling goes. Observe the automotive from a aspect on a hanging resemblance to this

Mercedes E-Class.That’s not shocking once chatting with style Manager, Andre Hudson, of the Hyundai’s Southern California style studio, who penned the outside of the i45.The design team closely examined individual models from status carmakers together with Mercedes, BMW and Lexus, with the goal of manufacturing a automotive that will flip heads within the highly competitive midsize class.For those of you who haven’t heard of Andre Hudson, he’s had some expertise with ‘standout’ cars.

The Cien was a 2-door monster roadster (inspired by the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter plane), that developed a weapons grade 559kW  (750 hp) and 610 Nm of torque and will accelerate from 0-100km/h in three.5 seconds and on to a prime speed of 412km/h.While the i45 doesn’t supply quite such ballistic rates of acceleration, it's but adequately responsive and over capable of reaching speeds well beyond our national speed limit.
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Hyundai i45 car features and price
Hyundai i45 car features and price
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