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Here at JLF1 BlogSwap's are a common occurrence. After the success of the swap with Grace Cunningham there is a new one to read, from Ailish Clarke.

Ailish is a massive F1 fan. If you are an avid F1 TV watcher you may of seen her on Sky Sports F1 a number of times. She also writes on her blog, , and also is a common contributor to Fan Formula. Check out her BlogSwap article on Lewis Hamilton.

Also check out my BlogSwap for her about my journey in F1 writing here:

Lewis Hamilton, believe it or not, has only been in Formula 1 for 6 seasons and already he's accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. 

In 2007, his rookie season, Lewis Hamilton achieved more than anyone’s' expectation and throughout the season delivered result after result for McLaren, but lost out to winning the championship by just a single point to Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen. He quickly bounced back, and the following season blew everyone away to win the World Championship in a brilliant finale race. Lewis won the championship on the last corner, of the last lap, of the last race of the season.

Lewis Hamilton has been destined for great things in his Formula 1 career, but over the past 2 seasons, he has slowly begun to fall under pressure. So where did it all go wrong?

Going in to the 2009 season as the current World Champion, you'd expect to show everyone what you're made of. This wasn't exactly the season for Lewis Hamilton. Winning only 2 races all season meant he was out of the picture to clinch his 2nd title.

2010 saw Jenson Button, the 2009 World Champion join McLaren and drive alongside Lewis.

With teammate troubles in the past, would this cause problems within the team? The answer to that. No!

With both a championship to their names, they were hungry for another title, but didn't let their ego's get in the way and created a successful partnership within the team.

Button and Hamilton were both in the race for the championship but were edged out, in a dramatic ending to the 2010 season with Sebastian Vettel winning the World Championship at the final race in Abu Dhabi.

What happened next?

The 2011 season is a season that will want to be forgotten in more ways than one for the McLaren driver.

The season was full of distractions off track rather than on track, as his personal relationship with on again, off again girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger a major talking point throughout the season. Disappointing results, endless meetings with race stewards and coming together with Ferrari's Felipe Massa on a number of occasions, outbursts with the media. You may remember the infamous "Is it 'cause I'm black. Ali G" comment that Lewis made at the Monaco Grand Prix after coming together (again) with Felipe Massa. This wasn't the Lewis Hamilton we've grown to admire.

After this comment was made it was clear that Lewis Hamilton had changed. Was his father to blame? 
Anthony Hamilton has been hands on in Lewis's driving career, ever since the word go, but after an argument resulting in Anthony leaving his son as manager and Lewis going at it on his own. Was this the reason for the lack of form?

Lewis is now managed by Simon Fuller, the same management company that is linked with David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, JLO and Andy Murray, to name a few. Maybe the glamorous red carpet events, hanging out with stars like P Diddy, Rihanna and is what it's all about now for Lewis Hamilton.

Over the off-season Lewis spent time rekindling his romance with Nicole Scherzinger and from the looks of it, are back on (again). With his father being at the races, albeit managing fellow Brit, Paul Di Resta, Lewis has finally found that support 'bubble' he has been missing out on. 

The start of the 2012 season has been a corker so far, for Lewis Hamilton. Going into the 4th race of season in Bahrain this weekend, Lewis has been on pole position twice and finishing 3rd in each race so far, this year is definitely looking promising. 

 There's still a long way to go but it's fair to say, Lewis Hamilton is back.

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From Zero to Hero - Ailish Clarke
From Zero to Hero - Ailish Clarke
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