Dino's Diary, Chapter 1

Here is the first Chapter in a regular feature at JLF1, Dino's Diary. It follows 19 year old, British racing driver Dino Zamparelli.

Dino’s Diary: Introducing An Idea
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Hello JLF1 readers. My name is Dino Zamparelli and my goal is to reach the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1. I'm a 19 year old, British racing driver who clinched the 2008 Ginetta Junior championship and the 2011 Formula Renault BARC title. This year I will embark on a new challenge, the Formula 2 series. Throughout the 2012 season I will be taking you on my journey through Dino's Diary, a new JLF1 feature. I will be writing updates on my season and hopefully giving you insight into my career and journey.

Firstly, ok well not much to say. Well there is but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been so busy, I can’t think to write everything. But, I can do my best to update you on my progress.

Having won the Formula Renault BARC Championship last year and being selected as a finalist for the McLaren Autosport BRDC Young Driver of the Year Award; I needed to race this year in 2012. I already did the year out in 2010 and that was no fun. So I set about, from January until April, getting the sponsorship required to go racing.

(C) FIA Formula 2 Website
Motorsport is expensive, painfully so. I rely entirely on sponsorship. So I came up with an idea. One of the ways that I decided would help get me sponsorship would be to sign up to Twitter and to increase my awareness on my Facebook Racing Page. Both social media platforms are hugely powerful tools in order to advertise my racing.

I got Twitter and set my Facebook Racing Page in January this year. I’ve currently got around 500 followers and over a 1000 likes on my Facebook racing page. Why is this important? It’s important because, the more followings and the more support I have on these social media platforms, the more scope I have of getting sponsorship. If I go to a potential sponsor with thousands of followers on Twitter and thousands of likes on Facebook; I can walk into their door and blow them away by saying, “this is how many people follow and support me on Twitter and Facebook; this is how many people we can interact with in a matter of moments…now let me show you what I’m offering…”

So with that, do feel free to follow me on Twitter: @DinoZamparelli and like my Facebook Racing Page: Dino Zamparelli Racing.
f you are unsure about any of what I mentioned above…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUkHvy5MvNY That’s me talking about it on a Formula 2 car at Silverstone. I did do the Cliché and sit on the front tyre, but like I said in the video, ‘that’s the way it goes.’

What’s the next entry in this diary? I’m not sure yet, come back next time to find out.

P.s. subscribe to my YouTube account to see lots of cool videos coming up.
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Dino's Diary, Chapter 1
Dino's Diary, Chapter 1
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