Maybach "dead": Daimler lost 330,000 euros per car

In its latest financial report from the manufacturer Daimler said it had lost 330,000 euros per Maybach luxury car sold, an amount so large enough that you bought a Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar .

The Daimler has unveiled the details of the bad financial situation of the company. Accordingly, the company sold only 3000 Maybach luxury car in the 7 years since revived the brand. Although the car has a high price but Daimler announcement, they have lost 330,000 euros ($ 439,260) on each car they sell.
The reason the company lost a large amount because they have invested 1 billion euros (U.S. $ 1,33 billion) to revive the brand had been "death" is. However meager sales has led to the death re-brand Maybach. Previously, Daimler Mercedes-Benz with confidence when Maybach was revived, the ultra-luxury car brand Maybach will be sufficient challenges Bentley and Rolls-Royce, with seven different models were developed from the chassis of the S-Class. But the decision to death this super brand is the answer to the beliefs of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz.
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In addition to the 57 and 62, also developed the Maybach 62 Landaulet with prices up to USD 1.35 million, and only very few cars were sold 62 Landaulet.
The design of the Maybach nothing special, not make too big difference compared to the cars in the segment of "luxury". "Extended version of the S-Class" - the calling of experts in the automobile industry, was officially sold out since 2005, with two major versions of the Maybach 57 and Maybach 62. The car is equipped with many modern technologies, the luxury accessories, but lacks style "other", and even the name given to length vehicle can not make those who are seeking a vehicle class can make happy.
Run slower than Rolls-Royce and Bentley, the Messieurs Hubbert thought, Schrempp and Zetsche - the person responsible for the resurgence in the Maybach, to create a real car class. But all the expectations of Daimler, Mercedes-Benz and of any enthusiast will quickly become disappointed, most evidence is sales very much lower than expected. The Maybach actually have nothing superior to the two major players in the ultra-luxury segment, but property prices are excessively high.
The display and sales agents Maybach was designed to match with its brand of luxury car, and to get it then the cost of maintaining the agency is also very expensive, but car sales business out was very low, agents are always in a state of prolonged losses. Although Daimler had to rescue plans Maybach, but with the launch of two upgrades of the 57 and 62 in 2010, with not many changes in design, the brand seems to be only death matter of time.
Future "black"
No stopping, ultra-luxury brand of Daimler also intends to develop an SUV based on the chassis of the GL-Class, with two rear seats can become comfortable sleeping quarters, with plates separating the cockpit with the rear cabin, a shorter version was also named in the Maybach 52 Maybach's plan, also developed a version of the Mercedes-Benz Ocean Drive Concept, a four-door convertible.
Daimler and Aston Martin have had talks about building a new generation Maybach brand. We even had a private alternative versions 57 and 62 will be unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, but have not got a new design was introduced.
According to some sources, while Daimler and Aston Martin talks on a new car, Audi also plans to revive the Horch brand to deal with Maybach, BMW is said also intends to develop a version the sports car brand Rolls-Royce. However, all of which are very dim, the more likely the two companies will continue to for the Maybach "sleep" for a while longer and spend time developing new models.
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Maybach "dead": Daimler lost 330,000 euros per car
Maybach "dead": Daimler lost 330,000 euros per car
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