Car Tech CES 2011 flood

(Reuters - From Las Vegas ) - As usual, car technology occupies a small part at CES 2011. PV AP working at exhibitions of the largest consumer electronics world have noted the presence of a range of modern products for the car.
The Jeep Wrangler is equipped with "the teeth" to the trip for the toughest off-road. The number of lamps fitted to vehicles more astonishing.
A car is not much of American presence at CES 2011 as a Ford GT.
The Mercedes-Benz convertible stock is quite unusual degree, with a screen to "terrorist" on the dashboard.
Not that she was a beautiful model that sometimes the car stalls used only to attract the attention of visitors. Ferrari is an example.
Boss Audio stereo in a Chevy stock car.
Audi introduced the E-Tron electric cars with matte black paint.
Reuters correspondent inside the Audi E-Tron at CES 2011.
At CES 2011, Audi also introduced technology to drive the car.
Two firms, and Phoenix Gold Stinger introduces a Honda CR-Z is the supercharged engine with sound Audio Fonix and fashionable matte black paint by Wraptivo charge.
Kenwood Company has no new products introduced at CES 2011, but attracted the attention of many visitors with a Lamborghini Murcielago sound of Al & Ed's Autosound this.
Hyundai BlueLink demonstrated new technology that allows cars to send and receive information. These products compete with the OnStar system is "to storm" the market of GM. At CES 2011, Hyundai announced that it will equip BlueLink system for most of its vehicles in 2013, first will be the Sonata form from this spring, then three-door coupe Veloster summer.

Model in the Hyundai booth introducing BlueLink system mounted on the panel separating the new generation of Hyundai vehicles.

NUVIS, concept car is quite unusual design of the Hyundai at CES 2011.The highlight of the vehicle type flip-wing doors and a new lithium polymer battery technology improves performance of Hyundai car's fuel consumption. This car will not be present on the market in the near future, is only used to introduce the new technology of Hyundai, as mentioned above BlueLink system.
Terrible sound of the Pro-Line Extreme Fabrications.
DeLarco company introduced GPS devices GPS can be mounted in many parts of the car.
The model she was beautiful, an almost indispensable part of the booth at CES 2011.

Tuan Anh
(From Las Vegas)
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Car Tech CES 2011 flood
Car Tech CES 2011 flood
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