5 developed the latest automotive technology

From the wheel to the introduction of the first electric family car, the invention of new technologies in the village car world is becoming more attractive than ever. 

1. Headlights
Appeared on the market these types of headlights light the role orientation, move to phase in a short time near then automatically return to the initial direction of the main beam, adjust the scope and spread of the beam based on the speed of light vehicles and weather conditions. Most of these types of headlights are halogen or gas discharge technology uses non-vehicles. Lighting system of the Mercedes CLS course is a combination of all these features, plus features a white light. It has the longest life of the LED lights that exist on the market. In addition, a very interesting detail can be considered a unique feature found only in CLS, which is when you go down to the rear of the headlight beam moves toward the center line to assist you crossed. A very clever design.
2. Tires Contiseal
While the pros and cons of the run-flat tire is still under debate in many forums, Continental was quick to offer a completely new solution. It was the signing of a cooperation agreement with Volkswagen Group offers tire system called Contiseal. Tires are covered within a flexible polymer layer, capable of sealing the hole up to 5mm in diameter in the tire section. This is a kind of tires do not do it. CC Passat, Sharan and Seat Alhambra are the VW model in favor of choosing to use these tires.
3. Closed cylinder Bentley
A 6.75-liter V8 engine which will be launched in 1959 is unlikely to cause a buzz in technology at this point, even if it is equipped with torque booster, capacity 1020 Nm. But Mulsanne mitigate its disadvantages by a new procedure. Very gentle, it has become a V4 3375cc engine block close by 4 out of 8 valve is open. The pumps and valves do not work when the 4-cylinder 8 units more efficient. Simple, effective and very clear.
4. TFT display of Jaguar / Range Rover
With the introduction of digital camara device control panel, the most advanced product of Jaguar Land Rover has now been equipped with a 3D display capable of displaying images is compelling, to help support the driver vehicles in the narrow vision situations. Screen interface can be changed as needed. With perfect visibility, TFT also allows utilities to use DVD on the main screen.
5. Nissan Leaf
Despite criticism about the limitations of it, Nissan Leaf is a perfect car on the market applies a new automobile technology , unique design, using 100% power and attractive prices. Leaf makes customers feel this is a very beneficial investment by operating cost of this car is really cheap and environmentally friendly. Leaf has a compact exterior design, interior refinement and acceleration surprising. More important is the Leaf does not produce emissions during use and improve battery technology for vehicles capable of completing 100 miles of easy and simple with just one charge.
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5 developed the latest automotive technology
5 developed the latest automotive technology
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