10 best 2011 car technology

In 2011, automobile-oriented technology increases the safety vehicles and integrated features for handset manufacturers will be more choices.
Each year launched a new car, the car manufacturers are investing in research techniques, technologies and new features to attract customers. In 2009, the trend of manufacturers choosing technology increases safety, integration of electronics and global connectivity for vehicles. Here are 10 most popular technology in 2009.
1. Systems intelligent cruise control (ACC)
ACC not only can maintain the preset speed control device operating as usual but the remarkable feature of it is that can automatically adjust speed to maintain a safe distance to the car before and after . ACC uses a radar or laser sensor (usually located behind the grille) to identify the speed and distance of the vehicle. If the car slowed down before the system will send a signal to reduce computer performance or braking influence. When the distance was limited to safety, the control system increases the speed levels have built up. To turn off the system, you simply need the brake pedal.
Mercedes Benz uses a similar system called Distronic Plus, beam short-range or long range radar to prevent sudden acceleration driving crashed into a vehicle. When tested, the system works very well in urban areas and on highways.
The car label using this technology: Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, Subaru and Toyota.
2. Navigation device according to traffic and weather
Navigation systems use global positioning combined with traffic alerts and weather is becoming increasingly common in cars, not just for the luxury car. The system will check road conditions and weather through the map. Information will be screened to suit the location and route drivers. With this system, drivers can find a detour to avoid the storm or find the most convenient way to get around the traffic from a service.
3. Active headlights
When turning the steering wheel, active headlamps system will automatically redirect the lighting of the driveway trying to achieve. That's the difference compared with conventional headlights only light in the direction of the car. Information about the position and velocity of the wheel of the car will be processed and send a signal to the electric motor, turning left or right lamp in proper perspective.
Only 18 months after birth, almost all automobile manufacturers began oriented selection headlights adapt to this. In 2009, this technology will be available on the Audi A6, BMW 1 -, 3 - and 7-Series, Cadillac Escalade and CTS-V, Hyundai Genesis, Infiniti FX, Lincol MKS, and Mercedes-Benz CLS.
4. Integrated portable navigation device
Portable navigation systems are increasingly popular due to ease of use, features a control panel, affordable. The manufacturer has improved the memory interface and control panel, making them more compact and take it.
5. Anti-collision
Similar to ACC, anti-collision device will adjust the distance and proximity to the vehicle before the vehicle or other obstructions. If the system is that the car does not break up, it automatically signs with flashing lights, vibrating seats, tightening belts, etc.. If still no result, some systems will automatically brake to minimize damage.Volvo is to develop this system can detect pedestrians.
Currently, Volvo is adopting this system for vehicles S80, V70, XC60 and XC70.
6. Warning lane
This is a very useful technique for the careless driver, or deviate lane. Warning system will use a camera to detect lane dividers white or yellow. If the car run over the median strip without turn signals, the system will emit a warning sound driver. Some systems also automatically controls the right is a road vehicle or brake.
Techniques available on the Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Infiniti, and Volvo.
7. Internet access in the vehicle
The new service will turn your car into a Wi-Fi access points and safety, using mobile technology and equipment to users accessible from the lap top web, gaming devices or all kinds of other personal devices.
Internet service provider for Chrysler is the first car with UConnect Web service.Technology is integrated in the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge 2009.
8. Processing equipment blind spots
Using the camera or radar, the system will scan all areas where the driver can not see. If cars, motorcycles obscures the driver's signal lights will flash, warning systems and sound dangerous to drivers to avoid disaster.
Most complex techniques used in the processing system of the Volvo Blind Spot. The system uses cameras mounted on each side of the car mirror, warning device will be mounted in front of the car window.
The technique used cars: Audi Q7, Buick Lucerne, Cadillac DTS and STS.
9. CCTV entire
Mounted camera system will monitor the entire area around the vehicle and displayed on the screen to help locate the car park. This technology is only available in the Nissan and Infinity, for example, Nissan Murano and Infiniti EX35.
10. Support systems and night vision with pedestrian warning
This latest technology camera using heat sensors to create animations, help the driver identify people, animals and other objects in the range projection of vehicle lights. Some systems also provide information about the depth of the image in real time, distance coding each object, represented by hot color (for objects at near and dangerous) and cool colors (for animals distant, less dangerous). This technology was developed to show the direction of motion of the object and change the car to move around. If the system determines that the front may be in danger, the driver is warned by images or sounds.
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10 best 2011 car technology
10 best 2011 car technology
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