The Risk of Whiplash From Auto Accidents

Whiplash is a non-medical, slang term used to describe neck injuries, usually as a result of automobile accidents. Generally, the neck stretched, twisted, stranded, or suddenly left the place, causing injury. The severity of a whiplash injury depends on the violence in the car accident and injuries are generally not life threatening, but there have been cases of permanent damage to the spinal cord, and you should always wear a belt security, to correctly position the head restraints and child safety car seats or booster seats.

Causes of Whiplash

In a car accident. The violent clash between a car and the other object stops the car quickly, but the law of inertia that objects in motion tend to stay in motion so the car stopped almost immediately, but the bodies of passengers continues to move until they are restrained by seat belts. Body pace slows to a dangerous and whip of the head, back and forth, causing a sprain or a pulled ligament in the neck, and usually the anterior longitudinal ligament torn or strained in the collision, but the rear can also destroyed. In some cases, victims experience a psychological boost, the researchers observed in patients complaining of whiplash, despite the fact that their necks are perfectly healthy.
Treatment of whiplash

Treating Whiplash is divided into two main parts: professional treatment and sanitation at home. Physicians usually prescribe certain procedures to treat the symptoms of the injury, if it is a serious injury, he could advise patients to wear a cervical collar, to take prescription painkillers, physical therapists visit, or return consistent follow-up visit and if the damage is less severe, the doctor simply send the victim for advice on how it should be treated. Home Sanitation includes rest, ice on the injury, massaging the neck and taking nonprescription pain relievers if needed.

Whiplash symptoms

The actual number of painful symptoms of injury may occur, which indicates that the victim is a whiplash. These symptoms include neck pain, neck swelling, difficulty moving the neck or body, headaches, backaches, and weapons, and muscle spasms. If a person feels or all of these symptoms, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor as soon as possible or lasting damage can happen. serious motor vehicle accidents, although this is not a big problem, because the emergency medical services to set the victim, after a long flat board, and put a cervical collar around his neck to prevent movement, as well as movement can aggravate injuries .

Whiplash Prevention in an automobile accident

Wearing a safety belt properly the most important and easiest way to avoid the whip. It 'important that all passengers wear a seat belt when riding in the car, and lawmakers with the manufacturer-installed seat belts mandatory, this should not be a problem. In addition, the headrest of the car should be amended so that the center of the headrest is aligned with the tip in your ears, this ensures that the neck and back are supported during an accident.
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The Risk of Whiplash From Auto Accidents
The Risk of Whiplash From Auto Accidents
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