New auto audi a6 review

As for the luxury automaker's German, not really much better than an Audi. Their model A6 is the older
brother of the A4 motorway and manages to hit everything that is good for his younger brother to another level. Cool, automotive business is upper class of the day with the A6 - 3 variations with sports in the lineup. As often happens with Audi, each change takes place in its market to perfection. A6 type will be of interest to entrepreneurs and those who want the look and convenience of a sedan, while the Avant Allroad Quattro and will appeal to those who want the same style, but with the space of a building or sit on the field.

The model is currently focused on the new A6 sedan, which recently received a facelift in 2012 and is due for release in April of this year. Aesthetically, it was a nice change, a completely new front-end to pay very much like the Audi R8 supercar. Having the ideas were formally model A8 headlights are now bent and curved around the edge of the body to tell him, look aggressive, and grill have been replaced by sharper, more irritable. The basket is also made significant changes to last year's model, in which much sleeker design. What are the results of re-designing a car that the business as with the class, but still hold means sporty look. It works surprisingly well and I managed to keep a class A6, despite marginal.
Available in two iterations - SE and S line, the new A6 engine features 4 sizes when it ships, ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 liters and a choice of diesel or gasoline. The cheapest option is of course the SE, but not for one second think that the quality compromises. The interior is typical Audi class with a mix of precious woods and leather Milan aim to offer this premium business sense. A superb Bang & Olufsen accompanies interior comfort, with a total of 15 speakers and many of the technology used is taken from their famous house BeoLab 5 Speaker Series. An incredibly powerful 1200-watt amplifier powers the system while the CD includes SD card slots to allow the portable storage and playback of MP3 files. Moving outside the car, we alloy wheels standard on both models and a practical electromagnetic sensor parking aid, so keep your precious di A6 away from these dreaded borders has never been easy.

Confirmed prices for new A6 is excellent value for money, for the model of the standard A6 2.0l you only have to pay £ 34,355 to keep them in line with that of its rival BMW 5-series. Do not underestimate the size of the engine or 2.0la even more grunt 177bhp enough for you to get where you want with time to spare. Not to mention the joy of producing low emissions of just 129 g / km, which should save for your next luxury purchase much easier. It undoubtedly seems to be a great buy for any businessman who wants a high performance sports car that does not compromise on quality and luxury. Offers a number of engine health at launch, and with a choice of diesel fuel, there should be something for everyone. Put it on your list that his only to watch no doubt.
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New auto audi a6 review
New auto audi a6 review
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