Intense Curiosity about Energy Harvesting for Electrical Motor vehicles

Two upcoming events in Germany, which reflects the strong interest in the collection of electric vehicles. The collection and storage of Europe 2011, June 21 to 22 covers many forms of collection and other applications and exercises should be the technology, investment and other issues are usually collected. On the other hand Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011 in Stuttgart on June 28 to 29 of the vehicle is completely oriented. It covers a wide range of future land, water and air, electric cars, and their needs, as many new forms of funding are appropriate.

Some progress will be announced at those events. Some generate hundreds of watts to several tens of kilowatts to provide significant power to the traction batteries. Harvest dampers and active suspension, and solar cells will thermoelectric examples. On the other hand, the harvest will increase the range to a more subtle -. By allowing a myriad of small sensors and actuators to work wirelessly, shows several things to save energy and improve safety and eliminate the need for heavy copper son, reducing the number This is a development of energy recovery in Europe, which also has numerous presentations on wireless sensors themselves.
Introduction of electric vehicles on land, sea and air in Europe 2011, IDTechEx will outline the advantages and problems of all forms of solar panels, thermal dynamics and harvesting vegetables and what's coming.

Automotive raging presenter describing his record of 130 watts peak output ceiling plug-in hybrid sports car for Fisker Karma will come this year. It is the largest and most powerful mass production car sunroof.
Collecting vehicle technologies has traditionally focused on the collection of Rotary kinetic movement. It includes regenerative braking, the marine propeller is activated when the sails of the yacht, and corresponding calls for clean electric engine light plane in the clouds. Another goal is for all the energy of micro-vibration (eg, piezoelectric), and waste heat (egthermoelectrics).

Currently, few commercial solutions exist linear collection of kinetic energy of tens of watts, tens of kilowatts range, but the spin-off of MIT Levant Power has cracked the problem of collecting the records, which can produce ten kilowatt size of a bus or a truck. Applications must be tested, including cars, trucks, military vehicles, construction equipment and industrial and marine applications, such as pure electric power independent of AUV underwater. On land, it also improves GenShock guidance and supervision of management, adjusting the suspension damping dynamic.

Meanwhile, the dynamic generation of rotation leads to joint AUV wave power harvesting, when they surface - often in combination with solar panels - gathering more and more multi preferred for all vehicles. It even leads to entirely new markets, no more dramatic than Valencia - Beneteau history. Previous seagoing vessels are not electric vehicles. They moved together as diesel, and even start the diesel engine to provide facilities of the hotel once moored. For many sea-going yachts, which are very noisy, expensive and polluting.
President Valence Technology, Inc. now has a multiyear supply contract with BJ Technology, a subsidiary of the Bénéteau group, world yacht manufacturer with 22 production sites and 450 distributors in over 50 countries. During multi-year contract, Valence Technology will supply only the traction battery for all new Beneteau group, hybrid electric boats, which includes innovative ZF Marine regeneration of hybrid drive systems.

Now, the boat can charge the battery when the candle of the helix, and not just lower solar energy. During normal operation, a boat owner never has to start diesel engines for the propulsion of the boat and leave the port, sailing back to port and fully powered by batteries or the clean wind. The higher capacity battery of lithium ion battery can provide power in silence when the boat is moored. Valence Technology allowing these systems to modular, scalable energy storage that will be placed in the new hybrid-electric boats, sailboats and motorboats Bénéteau partners.

"This is a revolution not an evolution in marine propulsion, energy production, storage and handling," said Robert L. Kanode, president and CEO, Valence Technology, will speak at Electric Vehicle Air Sea Land. "Beneteau is to establish a standard for blue water sailing to the new clean. Ports in the world will be cleaner, quieter and safer thanks to Valence Technology is secure, dynamic energy and forward-thinking companies like Groupe Bénéteau, and ZF Marine, a pioneer in the electric pod drive. "

Instead of entering the event in Europe in 2011, the focus is more power small devices. Princeton University covers the piezoelectric strips printed on a flexible rubber energy conversion. ETH Zurich describes textile fabrics with integrated electronics, smart textiles are in the front seat of the Mercedes. Smartex sensor report data in electronic textiles and CETEMMSA also deals with intelligent materials. Small appliances Marlow Industries, will discuss "Optimism, Bass TA thermoelectric energy harvesting machinery, water, heat sinks and air or solid. Other vehicles Holst Centre / IMEC" Collection and Tire Smart "and the power consumption , the collection of an active suspension developed Eindhoven University of Technology are presented.

The U.S. Department of Energy DOE and flexible electronic concepts present at both events, production DOE test their thermoelectric generators (TEG) to harvest waste heat from the motor vehicle directly into electricity with the first commercial introduction of the Chevrolet Volt , Chevy Suburban, Ford Fusion and the BMW X6. The first generation of TEG provide ground fuel economy by 5% gain as the first generation of photovoltaic energy vehicles. In addition, competitive contracts awarded teams led by Ford and GM to develop cars thermoelectric air conditioner / heating (HVAC TE). This approach uses the concept of area to maintain occupant comfort rather than cooling / heating throughout the cabin. TE HVAC chiller one occupant with 630 Watts, while the systems use compressed refrigerant from 3500 to 4500 watts. The current refrigerant, R134a, has 1300 times the greenhouse gas emissions than carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas emissions primary.

supercapacitors flexible and waffles, describes the effects of energy crops - perhaps part of the transition to the skin smart vehicle that captures the structural damage, harvesting, storage and energy conversion.

DOE, with the National Science Foundation has awarded nine contracts to universities have teamed with an industrial partner to improve the thermoelectric performance. On the other hand, Flexible Electronics Concepts is a pioneer in print and other electronic products and electrical hoses. He will describe how T-Ink reduces weight, space and the cost of many systems in electric vehicles by nearly 40%. Printed electronics and electrical as part of the concept of smart skin for future electric vehicles - land, sea and air.
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Intense Curiosity about Energy Harvesting for Electrical Motor vehicles
Intense Curiosity about Energy Harvesting for Electrical Motor vehicles
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