future plan of this organaization

Amongst some of the inspiring project the organization (oregon) has held, it recently launched a new project, “Appeal for Dolpa 5 rupees a day solution”. This project under oregon was initiated by some of the medical professionals while on their trip to Dolpa, a trip for an effort to encourage domestic tourism to that part of the country. Having seen the plight of the people in the region of Dolpa, they came with a simple

solution based on the theory that if you only save just 5 rupees a day, and if only 20 people do that, in only a month’s time, there would be enough funds to buy a blood pressure cuff, a stethoscope, educational goods and other essential supplies to that region.

Over the next consecutive months the funds may go towards grass root awareness programs regarding health and education, building of hygienic sanitation facilities, water purifying system, etc. then eventually can be used to set up a health facility with all the necessary health care facilities which currently are being deprived. This is a simple plan and a lesson to people that if you just save 5 rupees a day, it can be beneficially utilized to help improve lives of the most remote part of the country.

Our country is amongst the poorest country in the world, and we believe that the only possible way concerned citizen of this country can help the most remote parts of the country is by saving a small amount. We want people to believe that the concept of self sufficiency is only possible if we think about saving little for an extended period of time. Why should we wait for foreign nationals to sympathize with our people while we ourselves are now capable of lending a helping hand to our fellow citizens? In light of this particular reading of citizenship and brotherhood, a new social movement must be brought into services to harness the powers we collectively hold. We pertain a firm belief that it is indeed with single, individual steps that big mountain-passes are traversed and that describes the save 5 rupees a day solution. It has great functional potential and may even surpass our own expectations if coordinated with care and compassion. Let’s make this work!

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future plan of this organaization
future plan of this organaization
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