Importance of the insurance in life

Sometime insurance paly the role of parents. U never know how and where we have to face the risk whcih we would have never expecte to face it . In that situation we will be helpless and unable to think , and lose the control over the situation. We wants to take help from others and if we donot get any help and we are compelled to sit and cry.

But think if we do the insurance at the right time then we donot need to cry and sit helpless. This is the gurante to all the people of the world.

Well , the devekoped countries people do the insurnace compalsorily.

They know the importance of the insurance. If u know the improtance of the happiness and want to be secured form the risky life then u should do the insruacne immedieatly.

No one can sure the continuity of the life .so we want to be happy and wish to live happily .

Its very hard to feel the importance of life .Ever one has different saying and feeling in the world in the same manner in the context of insurance many peole has different views. But here insurance agents says :


Insurance agents say patience best policy

TUNKHANNOCK Be patient and do your best to protect your property against further damage.

Thats the advice of local insurance agents in the wake of the devastating tornadoes and severe thunderstorms that swept through the area on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

Last night was a knockout punch, but people were still reeling from the damage from Sunday night, agent Joe Manley of Metropolitan Life in Chinchilla said Wednesday.

Chris Sheffler, owner of the Swetland Insurance Agency, said while insurance companies and insurance policies differ, any property owner with damage can avoid heartaches by doing certain things.

For instance, if a tree has fallen on your house and a couple of your neighbors are available to help you remove it and place a tarp over any holes in the roof, its a good idea to do it, Ms. Sheffler said.

If you have suffered interior damage, Ms. Sheffler recommended taking an inventory of the damaged items and what they are worth.

Another thing is to be very, very patient, she said. There are so many people with so many claims. The level of service that you will receive today is not the same level of service you would receive on a normal day.

The Swetland agency was receiving fewer calls Wednesday morning than it did Monday morning after Sunday nights storms, but the damage claims Wednesday were much worse.

Were talking total loss of mobile homes and total losses of vehicles, Ms. Sheffler said.

Calls Monday were for damage of less than $1,000 in most cases.

Some insurance agencies in Wyoming County were flooded with calls Wednesday. A person answering the phone at Welch Associates Inc. said they were too busy to comment.

Mr. Manley said some people are trying to decide what to do with trees that are leaning toward homes or other structures.

Mr. Manley said, its all right to have the trees taken down, but property owners should take photos of the trees first and keep receipts for the removal costs.
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Importance of the insurance in life
Importance of the insurance in life
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