Earn Money By Writing Articles For, similar to Associated Conten, is a site where you can write articles to earn money. eHow is different in ways though. For instance, eHow only accepts “how to” articles. Articles like “How To Make No Bake Cookies” or “How To Have A Safe Halloween” are great for submitting to eHow.
If you already have tons of articles you’ve written that you think won’t fit “How To” topics then just change it around to be written as an instructional artical.

PTC Basics:-
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"Personality Development Articles"
Art of Facing Interview
A person facing an interview is generally nervous and does not behave as his or her normal self. He tries to follow the set guidelines that.....more
Personality Test
There are three types of personality test, which are conducted by most of the companies. We may like to know what are intended for and how they are conducted.....
Types of personality
Well known behavioral scientists have identified nine types of personalities. These are perfectionists, Helpers, Romantics, Achievers, Asserters, Questioners, Adventures, Observers and Peacemakers. They have their own unique personality....
Know your personality
Different people have different opinions about what makes a man’s personality complete. There are several behavioral scientist who have the view point that character does not form a part of personality...
Components of Personality Development
Sweetly spoken words have their own advantage and it is a major component in our personality development. Society gives respect to a person who has control over his speech and everybody...
Some Essential Personality Development Tips
Every person who wants to develop personality also wants to become popular. Man's life is a burden without popularity. Everybody can be popular if he takes care of these few essential personality development tips...
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